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Mobile Legends: Pocket is a companion app for this popular MOBA for smartphones, providing detailed information on the game, your game history, and even wallpapers featuring the heroes. This is an ideal app for anyone who wants to hone their strategy or learn more about Mobile Legends games.

From the main screen, you can access several different sections: information about heroes, spells, and equipment; a building simulator; wallpapers; guides; and the latest news. This is an official app full of all kinds of information concerning this MOBA from Moonton.

Thanks to Mobile Legends: Pocket, you can get a detailed analysis of your games by linking your user account. This way, you can review the pros and cons of each encounter, trying to avoid the same mistakes in subsequent games. You can also chat with your friends or the whole community about anything you want.

Mobile Legends: Pocket is an excellent app that helps you get the most out of Mobile Legends. Basically, it's full of useful information and HD wallpapers for your Android smartphone.